Standard Sheet Metal Works is a sophisticated job shop that facilitates the production of both custom and interchangeable parts. Our state-of-the-art cutting, forming, and welding equipment, along with our extensive experience working with clients during the design process, allows us to see the big picture and deliver quality results. We essentially bring each customer’s complex designs to life and are able to yield the right components for the right applications in the right quantities for in-story or just-in-time use.  We know how to serve specific and unique industries, whether the need involves component parts, complete process assemblies and piping, or architectural fixtures and decorations. Standard Sheet Metal’s quality control standards create high confidence in our materials, our craftsmanship, and our production tolerances.

"Standard Sheet Metal Works was the only shop I could find that could meet our needs for sheet metal and general fabrication.  They had the right mix of equipment, expertise, professionalism and value added services that made them a clear choice.  Standard Sheet Metal Works went quickly from a service provide to a partner, going above and beyond time and time again to ensure we could keep the factory running.  John Adams in particular, with his expertise in CAD, and through his understanding of fabrication, was an invaluable resource to our success."